History. In 2001 Dan Neil launched, along with printed mugs and fridge magnets, a screensaver on CD as a companion product for posters that were being sold in the stores. It was not sold via the web because of its form factor which rendered it a hassle to ship along with the posters. It was made up of the images used to make the posters without the borders and annotations for places and peaks that are present on the printed posters. This CD is still available in the stores that sell the posters. However, since 2001, a number of new images have been captured and turned into posters, so now on the site there are more than a dozen poster locations that are not on that screensaver. It was decided to offer a digital download product made up of all the posters that are offered on this site. Having a screensaver of the actual posters means that while you see less of the image due to the borders on the poster and the annotations, you can view and learn the geographical place names and features that are featured on the poster and thus it becomes more educational. If you are using the screensaver at work or in your home office and someone phones, within the time specified by your settings, the screen saver will start to pan the posters of your choice across your monitor. The poster screensaver is only available as a digital download for MS Windows and is not available in stores. The Minimun Requirements are an 800X600 display resolution.

How to choose your screensaver size ...

If you have Java installed, your screen resolution is determined below:

Each set of screensaver posters is made to display optimally for a given screen aspect ratio as used by your computer. If you know your computers aspect ratio, the screensaver that you will pick is based upon your vertical resolution, which is the last number. For Example, if your screen aspect ratio is 800X600, you pick the SVGA 600 Screensaver. If you don't know which one you need and the script above was unable to tell you your screen resolution, here is how you find out: Right click on your desktop background and choose 'properties'. Click the settings tab. Under 'Screen resolution' you will see a number like '1024 by 768 pixels', in which case the screesaver you want is 'XGA: 768'.

Note: Some of the posters in this current release have an interference pattern that was introduced by the scanner. The posters in question will be rescanned and all clients who purchase the current screensaver will be notified when the new version is available and be given the upgraded screensaver at no cost.

Installation Manual
To download the installation manual right click on the link and choose 'save as' and save the installation manual to your computer: It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

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Cloud to Ground Panoramas are available in many locations across Western Canada. A ist will be published soon.

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On his mountain vacation trips, Dan Neil enjoyed venturing into the backcountry to hike, scramble and climb. The vistas from the high vantage points attained, inspired him to compile a photographic record of these locations.