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many of us are awed

by spectacular places we visit. We take lots of photos for memories and are often disappointed by the outcome.

This could be due to many reasons such as quality of camera used, the weather which does not always co-operate or perhaps a malfunction at the photo lab.

Cloud to Ground offers you a solution to this problem.Using a specialized medium format panoramic camera we can get a exceptional photo that can truly represent the area that is special to you This has been done not only in the Rockies, but throughout chosen dynamic landscapes of North America selected for their time worn ability to awe us over and over again.

If you do not see a photo here that you would like or perhaps you have a special shot that requires our specialized camera and expertise do not hesistate to contact us at cloudtoground.panoramas@gmail.com to see if we can be of assistance.

In the Rocky Mountains, ALL who visit are awed...

It was the summer of 1916. John Singer Sargent wrote a letter to his cousin Mary. "Two things here get on my nerves--one the roaring and hissing and pounding all night long of a tremendous waterfall that I am near, the other the alighting of snowflakes on my bottom when it is bared once a day. Perhaps this is the poetry of camping out."

An anonymous writer penned script from the exact spot at Lake O’Hara in the Canadian Rockies where Sargent did his complaining.He said, "I too have complaints: In this alpine hut 16 humans are required to sleep side by side 8 to a shelf. The odds that there are accomplished snorers among such a group are high, and these nights provide no exception. Another complaint is that canvases keep falling from my easel and landing face down on my palette. Poetry not mentioned in art school."

"But there’s another complaint that makes all other complaints trivial. It’s a complaint about myself. It’s that I have not taken the time to see enough places. It’s that I have not yet truly appreciated the diversity and complexity of our world. This spot is a pristine valley with shimmering, turquoise lakes, massive, snow-dressed mountains catching clouds and shards of light, spirited waterfalls and bubbling streams, ancient mossy rocks of tender and sophisticated colour, all held together in a mighty bowl in which one can inhale the volume. "

"What a privilege to be with creative and observant companions past and present. To see and share an environment where sheer power and the delicate flower beg to be studied and honored. To be surprised and delighted at every turn of a path. To flirt with the gods of the larch forest and the granite mountains. To be in a place where human understanding is submissive to impression. What a high it is to be an artist. What a responsibility. How natural. How tragic it might have been to pass this one up. My complaint is that I almost did." - Anon

The artist and the photographer seek the mysteries and the adventure of experience in nature. (Ansel Adams)

We find the Works of Nature still more pleasant, the more they resemble those of art. (Joseph Addison)

In nature there are few sharp lines. (A. R. Ammons)

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Cloud to Ground Panoramas are available in many locations across Western Canada. A ist will be published soon.

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On his mountain vacation trips, Dan Neil enjoyed venturing into the backcountry to hike, scramble and climb. The vistas from the high vantage points attained, inspired him to compile a photographic record of these locations.